About Us

$31B+ in Global System Sales
32,000 Restaurants
650,000+ Company and Franchise Team Members
2nd Largest Restaurant
Company in the U.S.
57 Global Markets
3,300+ Franchisees and Licensees
*Based on FY 2022 U.S. unit count.

Inspire Brands was founded in February 2018 with a vision to invigorate great brands and supercharge their long-term growth. In an industry facing increasing disruption, our leaders saw an opportunity to build a restaurant company unlike any other – one that brings together differentiated yet complementary brands and aims to make them stronger than they would be on their own.

Found inherently in the purposes of our family of brands, we identified a common thread between our restaurants – the capacity to inspire. From guest experience to career development to community well-being, Inspire plays a role in the lives of millions of people every day.

We’re building a purpose-driven organization with a common cultural foundation – to ignite and nourish flavorful experiences. Inspire is investing in best-in-class Centers of Excellence across a suite of shared services to enable efficient operations and drive competitive advantage for our brands. While each brand maintains its own distinct identity, we all share a commitment to fostering a winning culture and organization.

At Inspire, we are mavericks and visionaries. We spark a culture of innovation that welcomes great ideas to thrive at every level. From the restaurant to the boardroom, we’re building a company that gives our 650,000+ corporate and franchise team members a seat at the table.

As achievers, we share ideas, learn from our mistakes, and always seek to find a better way forward. Across our business, we are fostering a spirit of collaboration that enables brands to listen, learn, and build off the strengths of one another. We approach every relationship as allies, striving to be a partner of choice to our colleagues, vendors, and franchisees.

And as good citizens, we strive to elevate each other and the communities we serve.

In just five years, the Inspire portfolio has grown to encompass more than 32,000 Arby’s, Baskin-Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dunkin’, Jimmy John’s, and SONIC Drive-In restaurants across 57 global markets and all 50 states.

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History of Inspire

  • 01
    Feb 2018
    Inspire Brands is founded
    Inspire Brands is founded following Arby’s acquisition of Buffalo Wild Wings and Rusty Taco, launching the company’s vision of bringing together a portfolio of distinct, highly-valued brands. The company operates 4,600+ restaurants globally.
  • 01
    Jun 2018
    Arby’s sets World Records
    Arby’s sets Guinness World Records for world’s largest and smallest ads to celebrate the completion of its nationwide conversion to Coca-Cola beverages.
  • 01
    Dec 2018
    Inspire Acquires SONIC Drive-In
    Inspire acquires SONIC Drive-In, the largest national drive-in chain in the United States.
  • 02
    Dec 2018
    New BWW Prototype
    Buffalo Wild Wings unveils a new sports bar design that brings the brand back to its roots as a great American sports bar.
  • 01
    Jan 2019
    Inspire Enters 2019
    Inspire enters the new year with more than 8,300 restaurants, generating $12+ billion in annual sales.
  • 02
    Sep 2019
    BWW Partners With BetMGM
    Buffalo Wild Wings announces a first-of-its-kind partnership with MGM Resorts International and its sports betting venture, Roar Digital.
  • 01
    Oct 2019
    Inspire Acquires Jimmy John’s
    Inspire acquires Jimmy John’s, the #1 owned delivery sandwich brand in the United States.
  • 01
    Dec 2019
    Freaky Fast Rewards
    Jimmy John’s announces the launch of its first-ever customer-loyalty program — Freaky Fast Rewards®.
  • 01
    Jan 2020
    Inspire Enters 2020
    The Inspire portfolio encompasses more than 11,000 restaurants and $14+ billion in annual sales.
  • 01
    Feb 2020
    SONIC New Ad Campaign
    Sonic introduces a new advertising campaign and brand identity encouraging guests to embrace and personalize the brand’s good-natured and fun-loving culture with THIS IS HOW WE SONIC.
  • 01
    May 2020
    First BWW GO Opens
    Buffalo Wild Wings opens its first ‘GO’ model restaurant in Atlanta, GA. The new restaurant format is designed specifically for takeout and delivery orders.
  • 01
    Jul 2020
    SONIC Unveils Drive-In Design
    Sonic unveils the first drive-in of the brand’s new restaurant design, providing a fun and inviting space for guests to enjoy a moment of carefree bliss in their daily routine.
  • 01
    Oct 2020
    Arby’s Expands to Mexico
    Arby’s opens its first restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico, featuring an exclusive menu of high-quality, slow-cooked and freshly sliced meats.
  • 01
    Dec 2020
    Inspire Acquires Dunkin’ Brands
    Inspire welcomes Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins to its family of brands, becoming the 2nd largest restaurant company in the U.S.
  • 01
    Feb 2021
    JJ’s First Super Bowl Ad
    Jimmy John’s launches its new advertising campaign featuring Tony Bolognavich, the “King of Cold Cuts”, during the NFL championship game.  
  • 01
    Mar 2021
    1,000th Dunkin’ Next Gen
    Dunkin’ proudly celebrates the opening of its 1,000th Next Gen restaurant in Woodstock, GA.  
  • 01
    May 2021
    Innovation Center Opens
    Inspire opens its industry-leading Innovation Center in Sandy Springs, GA, a 15,000-sq.-ft. flex space where teams can test new equipment, design improvements, modular kitchen stations, robotics, & demonstration areas and utilize an in-house studio for producing marketing materials.  
  • 01
    Jul 2021
    JJ’s Launches First LTO
    Continuing the momentum of their brand evolution, Jimmy John’s launches new Summer Sandwich Wraps, venturing into a new territory of sandwich innovation. 
  • 01
    Nov 2021
    Alliance Kitchen Opens
    Inspire opens the first ghost kitchen launched, owned, and operated by a multi-brand restaurant company in Atlanta, GA. 
  • 01
    Jan 2022
    Inspire Enters 2022
    Inspire closes out 2021 with 31,700+ restaurants around the world, generating $30+ billion in global system sales for the first time. 
  • 01
    Mar 2022
    SONIC Implements Mobile Tipping
    Sonic completes the implementation of mobile tipping for carhops, giving customers the chance to tack on a tip to orders that are placed via their smartphones for pickup or in-car consumption.
  • 01
    Apr 2022
    Baskin-Robbins Rebrands
    Baskin-Robbins celebrates the happiness ice cream brings to every moment with a refresh of the iconic brand’s logo, packaging, employee uniforms and tagline encouraging customers to “Seize the Yay” – appreciating every moment, no matter how big or small. 
  • 01
    May 2022
    Arby’s Launches First Burger
    Arby’s first-ever burger, featuring a premium Wagyu beef blend, elevates the QSR burger experience and sells out in just six weeks. The menu item was so popular, it was ultimately brought back later that year to much acclaim and fanfare. 
  • 01
    Sep 2022
    Sonic launches a new, scripted advertising campaign and creative platform that journeys into the minds of guests to spotlight the brand’s unique personality and menu innovations. 
  • 01
    Oct 2022
    Dunkin’ Rewards
    Dunkin’ rolls out its improved loyalty program nationwide. The revamped program introduces more food and beverage rewards, increased flexibility on when and how guests choose to use their points, and an all-new Boosted Status. 

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