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Inspire’s Franchise Portfolio

At Inspire Brands, we’re not just a multiple brand franchise investment opportunity; we’re also a multi-brand restaurant company. We offer franchise owners access to a diverse portfolio of beloved, nationally recognized brands. With more than 32,600 restaurants spread across nearly 60 global markets, our brands have tremendous runways for growth, both in the US and abroad.

Inspire aims to be the premier operator and franchisor across restaurant categories. We provide best-in-class franchise support, including:

  • Restaurant development planning
  • Design and construction
  • Operations training
  • Marketing and branding
  • Supply chain expertise

Our Brands

Why You Should Consider Our Brands

Inspire Brands is nourishing communities through food and family. We’re on a mission to bring communities together around deliciously memorable moments with our iconic restaurant brands. Each of our brands, along with every franchise owner, is chosen for its unique ability to gather and nourish: it’s what guides everything we do and inspires us every day.

As a whole, Inspire has designed the best restaurant franchise opportunities to enable each brand to benefit from and build off the strengths of one another: an approach that is unique in the restaurant industry. We make sure that each of our brands maintains its own distinct identity while fostering a winning culture and organization. We spark a culture of innovation that welcomes great ideas at every level. Our 675,000 corporate and franchise team members are all welcome to a seat at the table.

Our purpose is to build bridges between our brands to unite all of our team members. We come together with a common objective: to Ignite and Nourish Flavorful Experiences. Igniting our brands means we give them the resources they need to thrive, compete, and win. With our support and investment in their long-term growth, we’re nourishing our brands to give team members the ability to work together, serve guests, and strengthen communities.

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Why consider a restaurant franchising opportunity with Inspire?

Our shared service Centers of Excellence across finance, corporate HR, enterprise IT, facilities management, franchise sales, real estate and construction, legal, and communications, as well as other strategic focus areas, enable efficient operations and create competitive advantages for our brands. Additionally, our centralized, scalable shared services function gives our brands access to top talent and resources.

Inspire isn’t about one individual holding the keys to success: we share ideas, learn from our mistakes, and always seek to find a better way forward. Our collaborative spirit enables our brands to listen, learn, and build off the strengths of one another. We approach every relationship as allies, striving to be the partner of choice to our colleagues, vendors, and franchisees. By sharing best practices and capabilities, we’re elevating our brands to be better together than they would be on their own.

The capacity to inspire is a common thread found inherently in the purpose of each of our brands. From guest experience to career development to community philanthropy and well-being, the Inspire family of brands plays a role in the lives of millions of people every day. 

Multi-brand platforms like Inspire are better positioned to attract and retain talent while leveraging large, fixed-cost investments across multiple brands. The scale of our multi-brand platform provides the opportunity for collaboration, engagement, influence, and leverage with third-party partners. This allows companies like us to increase diversification and reduce volatility while maintaining individual brand identities.

In an industry where brands are often either heavily franchised or entirely company-owned, Inspire owns and operates over 2,000 of its own restaurants. This allows us to test and learn in our own stores before recommending innovations to our franchisees, creating a positive relationship with our franchise owners. We’re taking a long-term view and making significant investments in areas that will create advantages for our brands. While other multi-brand restaurant companies cater to a particular segment (QSR, CDR), Inspire owns brands across all segments and of varying sizes (national and regional). By leveraging the scale of our enterprise, Inspire can work more effectively with key partners, suppliers, and third-party delivery vendors.

Our Commitment as a Franchisor

  • Think and act like an owner
  • Listen and keep an open mind
  • Balance short- and long-term goals
  • Be transparent and forthcoming
  • Make fact-based decisions
  • Do what we say we’ll do

When you invest in a franchise opportunity with any one of the iconic Inspire Brands, you can count on:

  • Widespread consumer awareness and affinity
  • Extended brand recognition
  • Ingenious, innovative technology
  • Comprehensive training
  • Exceptional ongoing support
  • Affordable startup costs
  • And more!

Investing in a franchise with Inspire Brands is an industry-leading opportunity to ignite and nourish your long-term growth with benefits and resources you won’t find anywhere else.

675,000 Team Members & Company Employees And Growing

Inspire Brands strives to be the employer of choice for about 675,000 company and franchise team members. At Inspire, we know that the restaurant industry is a great place not just for a first job, but for a career, so we’re committed to providing our team members with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

We aim to create opportunities for team members to develop their careers across our platform, whether they stay with us long term or decide on a different path. With our custom programs like Brand Champ and Inspire U, we empower our team members to set and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our Key Differentiators

Our Core Values

  • Purpose: Ignite and nourish flavorful experiences
  • Vision: Invigorate great brands and supercharge their long-term growth
Our Culture

Strategic Priorities

  • Foster a winning culture and organization
  • Curate and grow a portfolio of distinct, highly valued brands that deliver benefits our guests love
  • Deliver extraordinary support to the brands that serve our guests
  • Be the partner of choice
Strategic Priorities

Our Culture

  • Mavericks: Doing what has never been done before
  • Allies: Collaborating to win
  • Visionaries: Having foresight and imagination
  • Achievers: Getting it done, and having fun doing it
  • Good Citizens: Elevating each other and the communities we serve
Our Culture

Our Impact

People First

Nine out of every 10 Americans live within 10 miles of one of our restaurants. Inspire is a source of economic opportunity and professional advancement for millions of people.


We have a responsibility to incorporate sustainability across our restaurants in ways that are mutually beneficial to society and our business.


We strive to play a valuable role in helping communities grow. In 2023, our brands donated more than $23M to support youth-related and other philanthropic causes.

Giving Back

The Inspire Foundation exists to ignite and nourish change for good. With compassion, possibility, and a champion’s spirit, we are making a difference in the hundreds of communities we serve by focusing on childhood hunger, youth leadership, and career readiness. Across all brands, we’ve raised and donated more than $100M and received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

Ready to ignite and nourish your long-term growth with benefits and resources you won’t find anywhere else?

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